Safeguard Your Premises

Digiscan.. The Ultimate Choice for Reliable Surveillance Solutions

Enhance Security, Safety & Efficiency

Deter and prevent crime, create safer working environements and monitor activity to identify inefficiencies and optimize productivity.

IP 4 Mega Pixel and/or High Definition Full 1080p 5 Mega Pixel

Improve Entrance Management & Security

Identify vehicles and improve entrance security to schools, offices, factories, and security complexes.

LPR: License Plate Recognition or AcuSense Human & Motor Vehicle detection

Flexible Sustainable Security

Solar-powered security camera setup where you need robust performance where power supplies and Ethernet cables cannot reach

Variety of solutions including Thermal Cameras and High Speed Domes

Minimize Shrinkage Maximize Business

Intelligent Security Solutions allowing smarter management and business operations, reduced shrinkage, loss prevention and creating a safe environment for both shoppers and staff.

Loss Prevention: Recorded inventory vs Actual Inventory – Theft, human errors vs deliberate

Improve Safety Enhance Guest Experience

Improve the safety and management efficiency of the hotel. Enhance guest experience through visual supervision of Staff and Safeguard Guests.

ColorVu – Colour visuals Day & Night

Protect & Monitor Your Home & Family

Giving You Peace of Mind when it comes to securing your home, family and environment. View your home on your phone – day or night

Color-Vu (Day & Night in colour) or AcuSense (Human and Motor vehicle detection.) Customised Audio message to be sent when attempting to enter premises. Time can be set

Safe Restaurant, Healthy Eating

Monitor staff and day to day operation, protect guests & staff, and streamline business operations 

ColorVu – Colour visuals Day & Night. Cameras in storage and in fridge including full entrance visuals

Safety & Security at Your Fingertips

Safeguard your business, people, property and assets proactively.. access footage from anywhere

Set up online visuals on your phone, including linking monitor at home to view business and assets. Intercom system – You can answer anyone at your front door through your intercom system when you are away. (Home or Business)

CCTV Servicing & Maintenance

Smart Service Contracts and Maintenance Plans to keep your System Performing at optimum levels and extend the life of your products

Extremely beneficial to any business & includes call outs. We have kept systems running for longer



Corporate Offices


Retail Outlets


Security Complexes



Petrol Stations



Corporate Offices


Retail Outlets


Security Complexes



Petrol Stations

Security Solutions and CCTV Installations Cape Town

Professional Security Services You Can Trust

Security requirements vary from sector to business. Which is why Digiscan designs and tailors custom solutions to meet various needs – from general surveillance to cameras for special applicatons and advanced features including Artifical Intelligence, such as recognising people or vehicles, – making connections smarter, more powerful and more efficient.

From retail outlets to farms, warehouses to hospitals; each industry faces unique challenges. Digiscan offers a full suite of Industry Solutions tailored to the specific needs in each scenario. Delivering not only the essential element of security but also operational efficiency and business insights making your workflow more intelligent and creating value for our clients.

Years Experience

Projects Managed

Active Clients

Improve  Security and Operational Efficiency

Solutions by Industry


From small offices to large buildings; Secure your office building and parking lot, safeguard your personnel and clients,  control access to your premises, monitor staff and stock, deter theft, improve efficiency and enhance safety.


From Industrial Parks, to Warehouses and Factories; Manage personnel, worker safety, vehicles, goods and your site more efficiently while reducing costs, controlling access, monitoring inventory, improving safety & operational efficiency and ensuring safety regulations are followed.


From kindergartens, schools to Educational Institutes; Monitor indoor and outdoor areas, capture footage, safeguard students, teachers and personnel, effectively respond to incidents, identify unwanted events like vandalism and intrusion, and control access to the premises to enhance safety.


Protect your personnel and patients proactively; Improve the safety of your patients, staff, and facilities, deter theft and the loss of medication and equipment, monitor patients, capture footage, control access to restricted areas and optimize operational efficiency.


From Hotels to guest houses and Restaurant Kitchens; monitor reception and areas of interest including stock areas, safeguard your guests and personnel, control access to parking lots and restricted areas, deter theft, and improve operational efficiency and guest experience.


From convenience stores to shopping malls; improve the safety of staff and customers, monitor crowds, front of store, cash registers and back rooms, deter theft, gain insights, improve store efficiency and create a great customer experience.


Protect your family and secure your property from unwanted visitors, deter crime, log in to view your home or family while you are away and create peace of mind. Utilise alarm management, intrusion detection and access control to further safeguard your home and family.


From farms to wine cellars; ensure operations run smoothly, protect and monitor staff, guests, livestock, products, goods, feed, equipment and facilities, deter crime and detect intrusions, control access to secured areas and improve operational efficiency.

Safeguarding what Matters

CCTV Surveillance Specialists

With 15 years of experience within the security / CCTV industry, Digiscan has grown to become one of the main providers of CCTV Solutions in South Africa. with a wide variety of clients to our name, ranging from retail premises, educational institutions, corporate offices, hospitals, factories and large industrial sites. Our clients rely on us to safeguard their business and our expertise has enabled us to successfully help our clients protect / monitor the assets and employees of their business.

Rental Options

Affordable Rental Agreements are available on request.

Neat Installations

Rest assured that we pride ourselves in installing systems neatly and efficiently.

Industry Certified

Our skilled technicians have many years of experience and hundreds of successful installations under their belts


All our products come with a full warranty 


Brands We Work With


What We Offer


CCTV Solutions & Installations

Security is everyones concern, but its our business. With our immense passion for the industry we strive to deliver top of the line solutions and exceptional service. We offer a full suite of solutions to all industries with state-of-the-art security monitoring systems and products tailored to the specific needs of each client.

System Upgrades

Upgrading your security systems is important to make sure it remains viable and continues to do its job effectively. Running the latest systems and technology offer many benefits including advanced features and optimum performance and omproved operational efficiency.


Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection plays a crucial role in any physical security system, whether protecting high risk sites, commercial, residential or urban sites, retail spaces or critical infrastructure. Electric fencing is an extremely effective deterrent for keeping trespassers at bay, 


Intercom Systems

Everyone wants to feel safe and installing an intercom system is a great way to provide you, your family and/or your employees with an added sense of security and peace of mind. One of the primary benefits of intercom systems is an enhanced level of security and improved access control within a home, building or premises.


Maintenance & Repairs

Ensuring your equipment stays in optimum condition is vital for peak performance and longevity of equipment. We offer maintenance packages and prompt repair services.

Security is Our Business

Our Approach to Security

We Offer our In-Depth Knowledge, Hands on Service and Expert Advice in Assessing your Requirements and Offering State-of-the-Art Security Systems and Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Needs.

Security Analysis

We sit down with our clients to understand their business and requirements and carry out a full assessment of the site, making sure to offer additional options that may be beneficial to the client.

Vulnerability Prevention

As part of our analysis we look at any vulnerabilities & issues the client has or may experince and offer solutions designed to meet a variety of security challenges such as power outages, poor visibility at night, unable to recognise faces, and so forth.

Advanced Products & Solutions

We provide our clients with State-of-the-Art Produts that allows daily operations to become more efficient while protection of people and property improve all around

Ongoing Support

We have exceptional ongoing services to make sure our clients systems continue to function at 100% We are available on call and also provide products that are fully guaranteed.

Site Inspection

No Obligation Security Analysis

We offer a full suite of solutions to all industries


for a Smart & Secure World

Proactive Protection for Homes and Businesses

AcuSense technology helps you take security to the next level with accurate, real-time threat detection that distinguishes people and vehicles from other targets

View in Colour, Even in Darkness

Hikvision’s industry-leading ColorVu technology captures high-quality, full-color video 24/7 so your security staff can protect people and property at night with the same sharp rendering as in daylight


Your Family & Home

We Offer our In-Depth Knowledge, Hands on Service and Expert Advice in Assessing your Requirements and Offering State-of-the-Art Security Systems and Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Needs.

Affordable & Reliable


Affordable contracts and packages to secure your world and keep your systems running in optimum condition.

Rental Contracts

We offer Rental Contracts to assist in making your cctv installation or upgrade more affordable. 

Maintenance Packages

We offer maintenance packages, so you can rest assured that the systems you have in place continues to perform at optimum level. Please get in touch to find out more about our maintenance packages.

Experienced in what we do

With 15 years of experience within the security / CCTV industry, Digiscan is ready to help you secure your world.

Exclusively Tailored Solutions

CCTV Systems tailor made to your custom requirements and environment.

Skilled Technicians

Installations is delivered by our team specifically skilled in their area of work.

High Standards of Service

We pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of service and reliability.

Get in Touch

Enquiry For Security Solutions

Whether you need better Security and Monitoring, Peace of Mind, A full Assesment of your premises, access control or a system to monitor your home and family, Digiscan is ready to cover your needs.


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